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LANAPers Weigh In: What They’re Most Thankful for This Year

By John Calderon on November 12, 2019 in Dental Business

Gratitude journal - What are LANAP doctors thankful for

With LANAP trained clinicians from all over the country and world from different backgrounds and specialties, we decided to poll them on specific topics to get their feedback on what’s going on in patient treatment, dental business and the use of the powerful PerioLase MVP-7. This month, we asked several of our doctors what they’re most thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving.

• “As a periodontist who just finished residency and bought my own office, one of the first investments I made was to become LANAP certified. I am thankful to be able to offer this revolutionary, minimally-invasive procedure to my patients needing periodontal treatment. Gone are the days of patients turning down traditional periodontal surgeries because of fear. I am thankful to have learned the LANAP protocol this early in my career and plan on utilizing this for the rest of my career.” –Stuart Beauchamp, DMD, Ormond Beach Periodontics, Ormond Beach, FL

• “As a periodontist, I am truly blessed to be able to help my patients improve not only their oral health, but also their quality of life and overall health.” –Matthew Wetzel, DDS, Carmel, CA

• “I am thankful to have celebrated on year of my new private practice office, joining the Perio department at CWRU and joining the LANAP family.” –Elena Furman, DMD, MSD, Cleveland Specialists, Willoughby Hills, OH

• “As a dental professional, I am most thankful for all my patients who gave me the opportunity to improve their oral health and give them better smiles.” –Miriam Ting, DMD, BDS, MS, Think Oral Implants & Periodontics, Paoli, PA

• “By far, the integration of PerioLase MVP-7 into my practice to treat periodontal disease, peri-implant disease, and other oval-mucosal conditions and diseases in a more elegant, conservative and predictable manner. The outcomes are beyond expectation and have allowed me to change my approach to treatment of many of the conditions I do for the greater benefit of the patient. As a bonus, the more conservative, gentle nature of the laser promotes itself and my practice wildly.” –Daniel Indech, DDS, Desert Ridge Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, Phoenix, AZ

• “I am grateful for providing my patients with a standard of care protocol using the MVP-7 laser which required no surgical cutting or suturing but a proven therapy that enhanced periodontal regeneration and periodontal stability.” –Nicky Hakimi, DDS, MSD, Auburn, CA

• “I’m most thankful for incorporating the LANAP protocol into my armanmentarium of periodontal procedures. My patients are thrilled that I can offer a “cutting-edge” minimally invasive treatment alternative to traditional periodontal surgery that yields superb results. My patients have been so grateful and I’m proud to elevate the way I practice. I love my Nd:YAG laser! I’ve had phenomenal post-surgical outcomes with my full-mouth severe perio cases.” –Nikisha Jodhan, DDS, Advanced Periodontics & Implants, Skokie, IL

• “Health and happiness has to be at the very top of this list. Without those things, nothing else is possible. A consistent workout schedule that I’ve been on for the last 10 months has given me more confidence and energy overall. So with all this energy I’m thankful to be able to give my patients the best care possible. I’m thankful for the skill of my amazing staff to make it all seem effortless. I’m thankful for my continued desire for knowledge and continuing education in my field. My love for laser treatment to help patients with gum disease is a large part of what keeps me going. Professionally, I’m able to help so many more patients with the PerioLase laser in a predictable, consistent manner with amazing results. I’m also thankful for pizza… any pizza, any time.” –Sunil Thanik, DMD, MSD, Progressive Periodontics, Tigard, OR

• “I am most thankful for the team I am a part of at Stoner Periodontic Specialists. Working as a unit, as we do, makes coming to work every day something I look forward to, especially knowing that we can tackle anything that comes our way.” –Michael Kreitzer, DMD, Stoner Periodontic Specialists, Dublin, OH

• “I am thankful for all my new experiences. This year I bought a new pratice, moved to a new city, and finished my perio residency. I have had a lot of changes this year but they have all been exciting and wonderful. I am excited for everything ahead.” –David Summerford, DMD, MS, North Alabama Periodontics, Huntsville, AL

• “I’m grateful for my LANAP experience and education and providing patients with quality dentistry in a comfortable environment.” –Roxolana Maged, DDS, Barotz Dental, Denver, CO

• “2019 has been an amazing year! Professionally, I’m most thankful for successfully launching our second location in Birmingham, MI. This has been a long-term goal and passion project for me. I am so thankful to be surrounded, and supported, by an incredible team. We continue to build a culture of support, excellence, and teamwork, providing every patient a world-class experience because they deserve it. I cannot wait to see where we go. With our team, I truly believe the sky is the limit and our impact to our teams, patients, and local communities will be profound.” –Whitney D. Weiner, DDS, MS, Whole Dental Wellness, Roseville, MI

• “I became aware of laser dentistry and LANAP during my years of residency while attending conventions and periodontal meetings. LANAP results have always impressed me and the fact that most of my instructors have validated the results, made me realize about the need to incorporate LANAP as a standard of care to my patients. I finally now was able to integrate LANAP into my daily procedures and with that I have witnessed true regenerative procedures, time efficient services, and great understanding/acceptance among former periodontal patients and newly periodontally diagnosed patients in my practice. LANAP and laser dental procedures are the missing piece for the results my patients deserve.” –Aline Bowers, DDS, MS, Envision Dental, Port Orange, FL

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