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Laser ENAP for Periodontal Bone RegenerationRobert H. Gregg II, DDS; Delwin McCarthy, DDS19980501May 1998
When – and why – should LANAP vs surgery be considered for advanced periodontal lesions?Michael Colleran, Colin Richman, Paul Rosen20170301March 2017
The surprising link between periodontal disease and heart health: What dental professionals need to knowRobert H. Gregg II, DDS20170130January 2017
True Regeneration: The new gold standard for treatment of periodontal diseaseRobert H. Gregg II, DDS20160601June 2016
Treating a diabetic patient with the LANAP protocolCraig Long, DDS20160201February 2016
Redefining perio treatment with LANAP® and LAPIP™ protocols.Michael Colleran, DDS20160101January 2016
Periodontal regeneration – Intrabony defects: A systematic review from the AAP Regeneration Workshop.Kao RT, Nares S, Reynolds MA20150201February 2015
Evaluation of Different Dental Lasers' Ability to Congeal Pooled Blood: An In Vitro StudyKyle J. Losin, DMD, MSD; Raymond Yukna, DMD, MS; Charles Powell, DDS, MS; Jay Tippets, DDS; Kerri Font, DDS, MS20200701July 2020
Periodontitis and a perfect dental laser for the LANAP protocol: Making a direct effect on patient care and profitYetta McCullom, DDS, MS20121231December 2012
LANAP® and LAPIP™: Minimally invasive periodontal and peri-implantitis treatment protocolsMartin Kolinski, DDS; Tricia Crosby, DDS, MS; aWilliam Trahan, DMD, MSD20170901September 2017
Misch's Avoiding Complications in Oral Implantology CHAPTER 18 Periodontal and Maintenance ComplicationsJon B. Suzuki, DDS, PhD, MBA20180301March 2018
SEM Evaluation of the Effects of Laser-Mediated Implant Surface Decontamination: An In Situ Human Pilot StudyEric Linden, DMD, MDS; Charles Cobb, DDS, MS, PhD; Paul Fletcher, DDS; Donggao Zhao, PhD20210901September 2021
Immediate effect of Nd:YAG laser monotherapy on subgingival periodontal pathogens: a pilot clinical studyThomas K. McCawley, Mark N. McCawley, Thomas E. Rams20220201February 2022
Bacterial reduction effect of four different dental lasers on titanium surfaces in vitroW Patrick Misischia; Pinelopi Xenoudi; Raymond A Yukna; Michael J Schurr20211001October 2021
Laser-Assisted Therapy for the Treatment of Peri-implantitis. Part I. Clinical OutcomesGabriel Strauss, DMD; David Goteiner, DDS, FACD, FICD; Kevin Murawski, DMD; Steven R. Singer, DDS; Howard J. Drew, DMD; Andrew Sullivan, DDS20210801August 2021
Peri-mucositis and peri-implantitis diagnosis, classification, etiologies, and therapies. Chapter 41 in: Resnik RR. Misch’s contemporary implant dentistry.Suzuki Jon, Suzuki Kevin20210101January 2021
Peri-Implantitis Treatment via Laser-Assisted RegenerationJeffrey Saltz, DDS, BS; Kate Wilson, DMD20191201December 2019
Perceptions of the LANAP ProtocolColin Richman, DMD, BDS; Robert A Levine, DDS; Andrew Sullivan Jr., DDS; Shuying Jiang, MS; Alan Farber, DDS; Justin Zalewsky, DMD, MS20201101November 2020
Lasers in Periodontal Surgery (from 'Advances in Periodontal Surgery')Allen S. Honigman, DDS and John Sulewski20200101January 2020
Immediate Effects of Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) on Human Periodontitis MicrobiotaThomas K. McCawley, Mark N. McCawley, and Thomas E. Rams20181030October 2018
Human Clinical and Histologic Evaluation of Laser-assisted New Attachment ProcedureMarc L. Nevins, DMD, MMSc/Marcelo Camelo, DDS/Peter Schupbach, PhD/Soo-Woo Kim, DMD, MS/David M. Kim, DDS, DMSc/Myron Nevins, DDS20121001October 2012
Laser-Assisted Periodontal Regeneration and Human HistologyRobert H. Gregg II, DDS; Dawn M. Gregg, DDS20190101January 2019
Histologic Evaluation of an Nd:YAG Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure in HumansRaymond A. Yukna, DMD, MS/Ronald L. Carr, DDS/Gerald H. Evans, DDS20071101November 2007
Laser-Assisted Treatment of Peri-implantitisEdward A. Marcus20170101January 2017
Surgical laser therapy for periodontal and peri‑implant diseaseDonald J. Coluzzi, Koji Mizutani, Raymond Yukna, Rana Al‑Falaki, Taichen Lin, Akira Aoki20221201December 2022
Translating Clinical Outcomes to Patient Value Through Use of the Periodontal Risk Score: An Evidence-Based Treatment ApproachRobert A. Levine, DDS; Preston D. Miller, DDS, 2023
Laser-Assisted Periodontal Regeneration With the LANAP ProtocolRobert H. Gregg II, DDS & Dawn Gregg, DDS20190501May 2019
Improving Implant Outcomes Using LAPIP™ Protocol with Millennium’s PerioLase® MVP-7™ LaserJeanne Salcetti, DMD20140901September 2014
Helping clinicians stem the tide of failing implantsMillennium Dental Technologies20130901September 2013
Clinical evaluation of Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure® (LANAP®) surgical treatment of chronic periodontitis: a retrospective case series of 1-year results in 22 consecutive patientsR Yukna, DDS20221115November 2022
Laser-assisted treatment of peri-implantitis: a retrospective cohort studyGary M. Schwarz, DDS, MSD; David M. Harris, MS, PhD20200515May 2020
Laser treatment of peri-implantitis: A systematic review of radiographic outcomes.Miriam Ting, Leela Subhashini C. Alluri, John G. Sulewski, Jon B. Suzuki and Andre Paes Batista da Silva20220101January 2022
Human Periodontal Regeneration Following the Laser Assisted New Attachment ProcedureR.A. Yukna, G. Evans, S. Vastardis and R.L.Carr20040310March 2004
Laser Treatment for Peri-implantitis Helps Dentist Treat Patients Like FamilyTodd Sheffler, DDS20170701July 2017
Versatile Technology Helps Provide Optimal TreatmentDan Boyko, DMD20171101November 2017
Periodontal Regeneration in Humans Following the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP)R. A. Yukna, G. H. Evans, S. Vastardis, and R. F. Carr20030601June 2003
MORE RESEARCH - Preliminary Report from 9-month en-bloc human histological studyMarc Nevins, DMD, MMSc20111112November 2011
A Prospective 9-Month Human Clinical Evaluation of Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) Therapy Marc Nevins, DMD, MMSc/Soo-Woo Kim, DMD, DMSc, MS/Marcelo Camelo, DDS/Ignacio Sanz Martin, DDS, MSc/David Kim, DDS, DMSc/Myron Nevins, DDS20140101January 2014
First and Only FDA Clearance for True RegenerationMillennium Dental Technologies, Inc.20160901September 2016
LANAP® PROTOCOL FDA CLEARANCE K151763Department of Health & Human Services20160315March 2016
Periodontal Bone Regeneration with a Nd:YAG Laser and LANAP® ProtocolR.A. Yukna20110401April 2011
Effectiveness of LANAP over time as measured by tooth lossLloyd Tilt, DMD, MS20120301March 2012
Selective PhotoantisepsisDavid M. Harris, PhD and Lou Reinisch, PhD20161010October 2016
The Black Bug Myth: Selective Photodestruction of Pigmented PathogensDavid M. Harris, PhD, Steven L. Jacques, PhD, and Richard Darveau, PhD20160901September 2016
Advancing the Standard of Care with the LANAP protocolDavid Mangot, DMD20130401April 2013
LANAP Immediate Effects in Vivo on Human Chronic Periodontitis MicrobiotaThomas K. McCawley, Mark N. McCawley, and Thomas E. Rams20140320March 2014
Tried & True: MILLENNIUM DENTAL TECHNOLOGIES PerioLase MVP-7Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc.20150101January 2015
An Alternative to Conventional Periodontal Surgery: A look at a minimally invasive approach using the LANAP® protocolBraden C. Seamons, DDS20150401April 2015
LANAP® protocol FDA clearance K030290Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc.20040726July 2004
Laser-Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure: Redefining the Treatment of Peri-ImplantitisAllen S. Honigman, DDS, MS20130901September 2013
Salvaging Implants With an Nd:YAG Laser: A Novel Approach to a Growing ProblemJon B. Suzuki, DDS, PhD, MBA20151101November 2015
Introduction to the LANAP protocol for the treatment of periodontitisRobert H. Gregg II, DDS20120301March 2012
LANAP in the General Practice: A Case ReportJeffrey P. Cranska, DDS20091201December 2009
Laser Assisted New Attachment ProcedureDavid Kimmel, DMD20090901September 2009
Laser Periodontal Therapy for Bone RegenerationRobert E. Hindman, DDS, MSD20130301March 2013
Laser Use For Dental Esthetics: Selecting the right laser for different clinical situationsRaymond A. Yukna, DMD, MS Pinelopi Xenoudi, DDS, MS20131101November 2013
Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP)David Kimmel, DDS20120201February 2012
New Attachment Procedure: Using the Pulsed Nd:YAG LaserCraig A. Long, DDS20080201February 2008
The LANAP Protocol and Orthodontics: Offering Patients Hope Through Collaborative Treatment PlansTodd McCracken, DDS, MALD20140501May 2014
The LANAP Protocol: The Legend ContinuesDavid Mangot, DMD20131108November 2013
Using a Variable Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser to Treat Periodontal DiseaseCharles R. Braga, DMD, MMSc20130701July 2013
Change in clinical indices following laser or scalpel treatment for periodontitis: A split-mouth, randomized, multi-center trialDavid M. Harris, PhD, Dawn M. Nicholson, DDS, Et Al.20140201February 2014
Lasers in minimally invasive periodontal and peri-implant therapyKoji Mizutani, Akira Aoki, Donald Coluzzi, Raymond Yukna, Chen-Ying Want, Verica Pavlic, Yuichi Izumi20160601June 2016
Scaling and root planing vs. conservative surgery in the treatment of chronic periodontitisDAVID E. DEAS, ALAN J. MORITZ, RUBEN S. SAGUN JR., SCOTT F. GRUWELL & CHARLES A. POWELL20160601June 2016
Laser-assisted new attachment procedure in private practiceD. H. Harris, R. H. Gregg, D. K. McCarthy, L. E. Colby, L. V. Tilt20040901September 2004
Current Advances in the Use of Lasers in Periodontal Therapy: A Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure Case SeriesStephen Brown, DMD, MSD20130501May 2013
LANAP® Laser Periodontal Pocket Treatment - One Year ResultsRaymond Yukna, MS, DMD20130322March 2013
Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser Treatment for Failing Dental Implants Due to Peri-implantitisDawn M. Nicholson, DDS, Kris Blodgett, DDS, Charles Braga, DMD, MMSc, Et Al.20140201February 2014
CASE REPORT: A High-Tech Approach to Managing Periodontal DiseaseJohn McAllister, DDS20090501May 2009
Gum Disease and Nutrient-Dense Food Supplements: Results of my In-Office StudyAlvin H. Danenberg, DDS20141101November 2014
21st Century Dentistry - a new world of treatments requires a bit less braveryMatthew Shulman20080225February 2008
Eight-Year Retrospective Review of Laser Periodontal Therapy in Private PracticeRobert H. Gregg II, DDS; Delwin K. McCarthy, DDS20030201February 2003
Endodontic Applications of a Short Pulsed FR Nd: YAG Dental Laser: Photo-Vaporization of Extruded Pulpal Tissue Following Traumatic Fractures of Two Maxillary Central Incisors; A Clinical Trial ReportRobert H. Gregg, II19920101January 1992
Endodontic Applications of a Short Pulsed FR Nd: YAG Dental Laser: Treatment of Dystrophic Calcification; A Clinical Trial ReportRobert H. Gregg, II19920101January 1992
LANAP® Protocol overviewRobert Gregg, DDS20120201February 2012
LANAP protocol overview – CE articleRobert Gregg, DDS20120301March 2012
Laser ENAP for Periodontal Ligament (PDL) RegenerationRobert H. Gregg II, DDS; Delwin K. McCarthy, DDS19981101November 1998
Periodontal and Peri-Implant Wound Healing Following Laser TherapyAoki, A; Mizutani, A; Schwarz, F; Sculean, A; Yukna, RA; Takasaki, AA; Romanos, GE, et al.20150601June 2015
Laser Periodontal TherapyRobert H. Gregg II, DDS; Delwin K. McCarthy, DDS20011001October 2001
Laser Periodontal Therapy For Bone RegenerationRobert H. Gregg II, DDS; Delwin K. McCarthy, DDS20020501May 2002
Sulcular Debridement with Pulsed Nd: YAGDavid M. Harris, D. H. Harris, R. H. Gregg, D. K. McCarthy, L. E. Colby, L. V. Tilt, Leigh E. Colby, Lloyd V. Tilt20020101January 2002