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Core Values

We believe that continuing education and training is essential to upholding the highest level of patient care using the latest technology and techniques. We also believe it is our responsibility to provide dentists with the tools and skills they need to achieve predictable, reproducible results. Therefore, we require dentists who perform the LANAP® Protocol to complete comprehensive dentist-to-dentist training through the IALD (Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry). With no doubt, this is the most comprehensive training you will experience in laser dentistry.



The LANAP® Training Continuum is a year-long, live patient, hands-on training program that ensures the clinician is safe and effective in the LANAP® procedure.

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We are active at many of the trade shows in our industry. Stop by and experience our techniques and clinical outcomes in person.

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Our suite of free webinars are designed to help clinicians understand the benefits and restrictions of laser dentistry and the benefits of the LANAP and LAPIP procedures.

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The Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry (IALD) is a non-profit educational and research entity dedicated to providing outcomes-based clinical training.

Our Mission is to provide relevant and timely education for effective, consistent, and successful treatment of moderate to advanced periodontitis using laser technology. It is the goal of the institute to reach more of the large number of underserved patients needing treatment for this condition but who have been avoiding necessary therapy out of fear.