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Training is Crucial to LANAP®

The LANAP® and LAPIP™ Training Continuum is an integral part of a clinician’s proficiency with laser treatment. We deliver our intensive training in three parts: Laser BootCamp™, Evolution 4, and Evolution 5. From the initial training on our protocols to the gradual incorporation of more advanced protocol techniques, our training is designed to help clinicians realize improved outcomes and improve clinician and operatory efficiencies.


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Laser BootCamp comprises Evolution 1, 2 and 3 of the clinical LANAP® Training Continuum. This fast-paced and intensive training process forms the foundation for the new LANAP practitioner, guaranteeing clinical results upon completion. Evolution 1 introduces clinicians to an in-depth overview of laser physics and explores the fundamentals of the LANAP protocol. Evolution 2 features live-patient training, allowing each clinician to develop technical skill under the instruction of a certified IALD Instructor. Evolution 3 allows each practitioner an opportunity to provide a 24 hour post-op visit with their assigned patient. Every new LANAP clinician will also receive a comprehensive overview of practice integration and marketing tips and will return to their practices equipped for success.



Six months after the initial Laser BootCamp, clinicians return to complete the next phase of the clinical LANAP® Training Continuum. Evolution 4 offers clinicians an intensive overview of principles of energy intensity and additional PerioLase MVP-7 settings to provide patients with expedited treatment times and enhanced LANAP and LAPIP performance. This training evolution also serves as an incredible opportunity for trained LANAP clinicians to connect with their peers in order to share success stories, review cases, and more.



Evolution 5 of the LANAP® and LAPIP™ Training Continuum concludes our year-long training program. Building on the energy intensity studies of Evolution 4, the final module focuses on energy density, and examines the management methods of clinically difficult LANAP® and LAPIP™ cases. Upon completion of training, every LANAP provider will have had the opportunity to train with three certified IALD Instructors and treat three different patients to develop skill and proficiency.


Incredible Training, Incredible Results

The IALD’s training methodology is a mix of lecture and hands-on patient treatment, with an emphasis on adult learning styles for maximize impact. Each attendee at the IALD is treated with five-star, white-glove service from beginning to end. Ground transportation, hotel accommodations, and all meals on training days are paid for and arranged by the IALD’s full-time support staff. All three live patients treated during your training are sourced through the IALD, and the patient’s follow-up care is provided at no cost for one year. IALD instructors undergo a rigorous approval process, ensuring your training is standardized. This attention to detail and commitment to a shared experience provide you with the skills and knowledge to become a certified LANAP Regenerative Specialist.

Show Me the Evidence

Colin S. Richman, DMD reviewed the evidence and chose the LANAP protocol for his patients.

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