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I became a periodontist to save teeth…

I became a periodontist to save teeth…
Why a recent perio grad chose LANAP treatment for her patients
LAPIP protocol - effective, minimally invasive surgical methodology for peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis.
Dr. Hahn can now treat medically compromised patients
Rutgers periodontal residents are trained in the LANAP protocol.
Patients were asking for LANAP treatment by name
Best overall training that I have ever attended with 22 years' experience.
It's Amazing. It's Incredible. I can't believe the results are real…
The most important advance in periodontal treatment ever.
466% increase in patient case acceptance…
The LANAP protocol revolutionized my practice.
Dr Moran discusses treating furcations and holding on to teeth
Focus On Treating the Disease
Show me the evidence…a skeptical periodontist speaks
The LANAP protocol is my treatment of choice
How the LANAP® Protocol Impacts Patient Health
Best dental laser seminar ever!
Helping Improve His Patients' Quality of Life
My typical result is nothing short of exceptional.
The Periolase® MVP-7™ was a Game Changer for her Practice.
The laser is amazing and the results are phenomenal.
Using the PerioLase MVP-7 beyond the LANAP protocol
LANAP has changed the lives of many of my patients.
Dr. Silverman on his own experience with LANAP treatment
I can't wait for Evolutions 4 & 5!
Taking your practice in a different direction with the LANAP protocol
LANAP & LAPIP protocols are the present and future of anti-infective periodontal treatment.
Dr Rose Feels He Owes the LANAP Protocol to His Patients
Patients are more willing to have treatment
It's a win-win when you choose the LANAP protocol
I love that I can do perio surgery on a patient and they have their papilla intact after the procedure.
CEREC Dentist Treats His Mom with the LANAP protocol
The PerioLase put perio back in my practice.
Why perio & GP offices alike should invest in a PerioLase MVP-7
The PerioLase MVP-7 has proven to be the single best investment I have ever made.
Results and Great Case Acceptance Rates with the LANAP Protocol
We're treating patients we never would have seen
This is one of the few dental instruments that has paid for itself over and over.
Patients ask for LANAP treatment by name
Without equal the PerioLase MVP-7, along with the LANAP protocol, is unparalleled in its ability to deliver what it is supposed to do.
The PerioLase MVP-7 serves the purpose I was looking for
My case acceptance tripled the first year I had the PerioLase MVP-7.
A first line treatment for gum disease
It is by far the best dental investment I have ever made; the ROI is off the charts!
Dr. Sandhu is impressed with the lack of patient discomfort
I have at least 2 extra patients a week accept treatment because I now offer LANAP.
As a general dentist, Dr. Shih now stands out from the crowd
I feel excellent treating patients after this course.
Why LAPIP is a
One of the best programs and most organized seminars I've ever attended.
No matter my age, I want to do what is best for my patients.
Dentists shouldn't be afraid to explore new technology
Amazed with the positive results of the LANAP protocol
It's backed by evidence that other lasers aren't
A minimally-invasive treatment for ailing implants that works
An oral surgeon's perspective on LANAP and LAPIP protocols
LANAP treatment was the answer for my patients
Why an educator and clinician call it revolutionary
LAPIP protocol fits within implant treatment
1-2 appointments is all it takes to treat gum disease with LANAP
Pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to learn LANAP protocol
I've saved more teeth than I would have without LANAP
Advice for young periodontists curious about LANAP
Predictable, regenerative results with less patient fear
We want to retain as much gum tissue as possible
400+ LANAP procedures and still amazing patients
It's been refreshing to talk to patients post-LANAP
Results are
I chose to get certified with histology and my alma mater behind it
The LANAP protocol has a
LANAP: Doubts to documentation...a periodontist's journey
LAPIP: Why it's a modern miracle
I was a naysayer before I came through LANAP training
Saving teeth in Southern California with LANAP protocol
Ailing dental implant? Dr. Nalley to the rescue!
I looked at LANAP in residency and chose it for my patients
Why LANAP? Because I couldn't compromise patient care
Reactions during the LANAP training continuum
Patients who rejected surgery for 10+ years now agree to LANAP
Other dentists encouraged me to offer LANAP to my patients
A fantastic tool that improves patient's lives
Forget all your preconceived notions of laser dentistry
The patient outcome is much better using the LAPIP protocol
Not all dental lasers are the same - don't be fooled
My patients are euphoric to save their teeth and implants
Gum disease is an epidemic with serious systemic links
World's Best Training & Support
LANAP is on the cutting edge of dentistry
Preserve your teeth? You can with the LANAP protocol
My LANAP cases have convinced other doctors about LANAP
Hygienists are hungry for this
Saving hopeless teeth (and failing implants) in Australia
Finally, a dental laser that isn't just a
Patients are more compliant with LANAP treatment
Exceeding expectations with world's best training
Frustrated with GTR results? Achieve predictable results
After 5 years of waiting, Dr. Haynes doesn't look back
My patients see multiple benefits from LANAP treatment
The PerioLase MVP-7 is a tool that will make you a better periodontist
Gum Disease treatment doesn't have to be scary
10 Years Later - a LANAP clinician discusses what changed
LAPIP treatment for saving dental implants - does it work?
Dr. Long encourages GPs to be innovators with LANAP treatment
Treating gum disease with an
Respected periodontists share thoughts on LANAP treatment
Regeneration in a vertical defect...with LANAP treatment
The next evolution in periodontal treatment is here
Patients accept LANAP treatment - with amazing results
Busy dental implant practice? LAPIP is extremely beneficial
Saving teeth and implants - everyday work for Dr. Boger
Getting patients to say
What dentists do when their dad has gum disease...
If I had known then, what I know now...
Effective gum disease treatment that doesn't hurt? Yes please
From skeptical to impressed with the LANAP protocol
Can LANAP treatment achieve stable long term results?
Experienced laser dentists are impressed with LANAP treatment
General dentist Dr. Rolfe needed to help his patients
Seeing great long term results with the LANAP protocol
Stay on the cutting edge of periodontics with LANAP treatment
I was sure I'd send this laser back
The LAPIP protocol is my first choice to treat peri-implantitis