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I became a periodontist to save teeth…

I became a periodontist to save teeth…
Why a recent perio grad chose LANAP treatment for her patients
Effective, Minimally Invasive Surgical Methodolgy
Dr. Hahn can now treat medically compromised patients
The Gold Standard
Patients were asking for LANAP treatment by name
It's Amazing. It's Incredible. I can't believe the results are real…
466% increase in patient case acceptance…
Revolutionized My Practice
Dr Moran discusses treating furcations and holding on to teeth
Focus On Treating the Disease
Show me the evidence…a skeptical periodontist speaks
How the LANAP® Protocol Impacts Patient Health
Helping Improve His Patients' Quality of Life
The Periolase® MVP-7™ was a Game Changer for her Practice.
Using the PerioLase MVP-7 beyond the LANAP protocol
Dr. Silverman on his own experience with LANAP treatment
Taking your practice in a different direction with the LANAP protocol
Dr Rose Feels He Owes the LANAP Protocol to His Patients
It's a win-win when you choose the LANAP protocol
CEREC Dentist Treats His Mom with the LANAP protocol
Why perio & GP offices alike should invest in a PerioLase MVP-7
Results and Great Case Acceptance Rates with the LANAP Protocol
We're treating patients we never would have seen
Patients ask for LANAP treatment by name
The PerioLase MVP-7 serves the purpose I was looking for
A first line treatment for gum disease
Dr. Sandhu is impressed with the lack of patient discomfort
As a general dentist, Dr. Shih now stands out from the crowd
Why LAPIP is a "game-changer" for his practice
No matter my age, I want to do what is best for my patients.