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Section 179 for Dental Practices 2019: How Much Could You Save?

By John Calderon on September 24, 2019 in Dental Business, Dental Marketing, LANAP Protocol

Investing in new technology for your practice can seem like a risky proposition. Luckily, the Section 179 tax code was designed to provide significant relief on capital equipment prices that can help move your business forward. Equipment can be purchased, financed or even leased in some cases. Please note that capital equipment purchases should always be cleared by your tax adviser to make sure they qualify. Below, we’ll explore one way you can get the most out of Section 179 for dental practices.

One such purchase is the PerioLase® Periodontal Package (PPP), which includes the PerioLase® MVP-7™ Nd:YAG dental laser for the LANAP® protocol as well as the world-renowned Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry training.

2019 savings by the numbers

Beginning in 2018, Section 179 allowed for the deduction of the full price of qualifying purchases or financing of up $1 million. That continues for the 2019 tax year. Thus, utilizing Section 179 for dental practices remains an excellent option for those looking to add capital equipment that will help their practice grow. Take the purchase of a PPP (see figure below).

Section 179 PerioLase Savings Chart for 2019

As with previous years, equipment must be purchased or financed and put into service by the end of the year (December 31, 2019) to qualify for Section 179. For those interested in applying Section 179 to the PPP, you should book your training now so your laser will be shipped to you before the end of December.

Making smart decisions

While investing in technology can be a positive, forward-thinking step for any dental professional to take, it’s important to consider all the factors that will make a purchase a good one. Return on investment, ease of installation and use as well as its ability to help expand or improve the way you run your business should all be criteria you judge against when considering a big purchase.

Choose your technology investment wisely — and start saving big while growing your practice!

Want to calculate savings for yourself? Visit to learn more and use the official Section 179 calculator.

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