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Implementing LANAP into Your Marketing Strategy

By John Calderon on September 17, 2019 in Dental Business, Dental Marketing, LANAP Protocol, LAPIP Protocol, Laser Dentistry

The LANAP protocol’s benefits to patients are fairly straightforward – providing a much needed minimally invasive periodontal treatment without subjecting them to intense pain or prolonged downtime of traditional gum disease surgery. That’s why more and more patients are asking for LANAP treatment by name!

Whether you’re a recently trained LANAP clinician looking to hit the ground running, or a dental professional who is curious about how you’d advertise LANAP to your patients, this checklist for implementing LANAP into your marketing strategy may be of use to you.

Marilyn asked for LANAP treatment by name after researching alternatives to gum flap surgery.

Update your website

As the face of your practice, new and existing patients will always go to your website to see what you have to offer. In addition to having an informative, aesthetically pleasing website, listing all of the services you provide is particularly important to patients who may have dozens of options in their area. With LANAP treatment, you may very well be the only clinician in your area offering a minimally invasive laser treatment for gum disease that actually works.

Create a standalone page or pages that mention LANAP, LAPIP and Laser Pocket Disinfection by name. Make sure to add the LANAP Certified Clinician badge to your site and share the explainer video for patients.

It’s also important to mention LANAP on your Yelp page, since many new patients will look there first to see reviews and options.

Claim or update your Google My Business page

Similar to Yelp, a practice’s Google My Business page can make or break your first impression with prospective patients. The Google My Business (GMB) page is the block of information about your business that appears in Google searches. First, make sure you’ve claimed (or taken ownership) of the GMB page if you haven’t already. Next, make sure all the practice information is up-to-date: correct phone, website, logo, practice and patient photos involving LANAP treatment, etc. This is also a great place to use that LANAP Certified Clinician badge.

Google My Business page example
The Google My Business page of Aurora Periodontal Care, owned by Sharona Dayan, DDS, a LANAP Certified Clinician.

Use in-office branding

Branding is a term that refers to any logo or marketing materials that helps to differentiate your office from a competitor. When you showcase LANAP and LAPIP protocols in your office, you reinforce to your patients that your office is unique and that you offer services they may not be able to get at a different office. 

A key benefit of increasing in-office branding is also increasing awareness of the services within your office.  When patients are waiting, they are likely to read through materials that are available.  If they read about the signs and symptoms of gum disease, they may recognize these signs in someone they know – and hopefully share the information about treatment options.

There are many ways you can go about implementing LANAP into your marketing strategy using in-office materials, starting with patient brochures that explain the benefits of the LANAP, LAPIP and Laser Pocket Disinfection procedures, as well as what to expect as a patient (you can order those here). You can also use window clings, posters, counter cards and table tents in and around your practice emblazoned with the LANAP logo.

LANAP Marketing Checklist

Take to social media

Social media should always be a part of any marketing initiative, and LANAP treatment is no different. Post pictures, videos and patient testimonials on all of your active channels. Make sure it’s easy for your existing social media fans to share and engage! Start with posting a photo of your staff with the PerioLase MVP-7 or perhaps your first patient. Create a hashtag for your area, e.g. #MiamiLANAP and consistently tag your posts about gum disease or LANAP treatment.

Announce LANAP availability to your local community

Your local community doesn’t know what they don’t know. They may have heard of gum disease treatments of the past that involved painful cutting and sewing and sworn it off then. They may not be aware that there is a laser option with significantly less pain and faster healing.

Write and distribute a press release, which you can send directly to news outlets or send over a newswire where it will likely be picked up. More importantly, though, the press release gives you an opportunity to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that when a patient searches “LANAP + Your City or Area,” your name will be the first one to pop up.

You should also let your peers and referral base know that you now offer LANAP treatment in case they have any patients that may fit the LANAP profile.

Direct marketing for existing and prospective patients

Direct mail may be an appealing option for both existing and prospective patients. Flyers, postcards and door drops mentioning LANAP treatment can help spread the word about your practice. If existing patients already subscribe to emails from your practice, you can update them via a newsletter or general announcement over email that you now offer LANAP treatment.


These are just some of the many ways you can get started implementing LANAP into your marketing strategy. Whether you’re one of a few dentists in town or in a sea of many, making your practice stand out is always beneficial. Don’t let the fact that you’re a LANAP certified clinician be a missed opportunity in setting yourself apart from your peers.

If you’ve already completed your LANAP Laser Bootcamp training, you received a flash drive with your LANAP Marketing Kit that contains even more nuggets of wisdom for promoting LANAP as a treatment modality. Not trained yet but eager to get on board? Check out upcoming training dates and get in touch with your local sales rep to become a member of the LANAP family.

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