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Local Clinicians Represent True Regeneration at the ADA 2018 Meeting in Honolulu

By John Calderon on October 16, 2018 in Dental Business, LANAP Protocol, LAPIP Protocol

Hawaiian Periodontist Braden Seamons, DDS and General Dentist Chris Ko, DDS share their results using the LANAP protocol.

This year’s ADA Meeting will commence on October 18 in beautiful Honolulu, giving clinicians the opportunity to come learn about new technology and ways to improve their dental practices. Two locals who are already familiar with the LANAP protocol and its ability to achieve True Periodontal Regeneration are Braden Seamons, DDS and Chris Ko, DDS.

Both doctors are LANAP certified and have shared the results after using the minimally invasive, patient-approved method.

Like many clinicians, both Dr. Seamons and Dr. Ko were initially skeptical that the LANAP protocol could regenerate tissues and bone lost to gum disease. Dr. Seamons became a believer after seeing histological evidence that has demonstrated the protocol’s ability to achieve this level of successful. Years later, he was the one convincing Dr. Ko of the same thing by showing him his own results.

“Dr. Seamons nice enough to invite me to his practice to have me observe his procedures and show me some successful cases. After that, I decided to give it a try,” says Dr. Ko. “After the [Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry] training, I saw the results right away. I saw bone growth in my first year cases.”

Now that both doctors have been practicing the LANAP protocol for several years, they are satisfied not only with the clinical results, but also the service and satisfaction they are able to provide patients in their Hawaiian backyard.

“My LANAP patients are pretty much euphoric from the standpoint that they had minimal if any post-op discomfort,” says Dr. Seamons. “That thrills them, and what thrills them even more is when you show them down the road that you’ve regenerated bone for them.”

Attending the ADA and curious to learn more about these kinds of results? Visit us at Exhibit #1504 to pick up one of our Success Brochures or speak to a PerioLase Periodontal Consultant about the LANAP protocol and True Regeneration, or contact us at

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