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7 Ways to Get Your Community Involved with Gum Disease Awareness Month

By John Calderon on January 11, 2018 in Dental Business, Dental Marketing, Gum Disease

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know that gum disease is one of the most prevalent health conditions among American adults. You know that gum disease has been shown to have ties to potentially fatal illnesses like cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. You’re probably a dentist or periodontist who sees it day in and day out — countless patients that have been impacted by the disease. You’re probably wondering why more people aren’t taking this epidemic seriously.

With this February marking the sixth anniversary of Gum Disease Awareness Month, there’s no time like the present to help spread the word about the disease, tips for prevention and treatment options. With such a large percentage of people having the disease and either not knowing it or not considering it a big deal, we must widen our approach by using new methods to engage and educate people with the cause. Here are seven tips on how to get your community involved with gum disease awareness for this month and all year long.

1. Show your support with a gum disease awareness badge. One of the easiest and quickest ways to demonstrate your support for Gum Disease Awareness is to download a badge for your website or to put on your social media channels. Pick the badge that’s best for your practice and display it with pride.

2. Get connected with Fight Gum Disease resources. was launched not only to educate the general public, but also to serve as a source of content for doctors. Follow our Facebook, Twitter and Google + pages to stay up to date on new content that you can share with your patients. Also make sure to bookmark and check regularly for updates.

3. Share blogs and news to your website and social channels. Whether it’s content you’ve discovered on, or articles and blogs from other reputable sources, make sure you keep your patients in the loop on the latest in gum disease facts by sharing them to your social channels and website.

4. Create your own blogs, articles or press releases. Haven’t quite found the right article to touch on a topic you think is important? Write your own! Enlist someone in the office with good writing skills to put together an article, blog post or even press release on topics related to gum disease awareness. Use your web presence and local media contacts to help spread the word.

5. Show your support with Fight Gum Disease pins. A Fight Gum Disease pin never goes out of style — it goes with all outfits and is a simple way of showing your support for the cause. It’s also a great conversation piece once patients see the pin and inquire about it.

6. Hold a contest or promotion centering around gum disease awareness. Here’s a great way to touch on gum disease awareness while also booking more appointments — hold a contest or promotion for February. You can offer free teeth cleanings, or encourage patients to share Gum Disease Awareness content on their own social channels in order to win a prize.

7. Contact your local government. Although Gum Disease Awareness Month is recognized in 49 U.S. states and several territories, more work is still left to do. Reach out to your local government officials and get them to proclaim February as Gum Disease Awareness Month to raise awareness in your direct community.

Do you have even more ideas on how to spread the word? Share them below in the comments.

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