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Fast Facts About Live LANAP Treatment at GNYDM 2017

By John Calderon on November 20, 2017 in Company Updates, Dental Business, LANAP Protocol

LANAP Regenerative Specialist Yetta McCullom, DDS, MS will be performing a live LANAP treatment at this year’s Greater New York Dental Meeting. The live demonstration allows clinicians to see exactly what goes into treating a patient with periodontitis using the LANAP protocol, as well as ask questions and hear about her nearly 10-year experience with the best-in-dentistry training and patient acceptance that LANAP clinicians receive.


Below are some facts about the benefits to the live patient treatment, why MDT holds these sessions, and what goes into organizing them:

  • Gum disease is an epidemic. With 85% of U.S. adults suffering from some form of gum disease, it’s clear that this serious health problem has spiraled out of control. Of those 85%, only 40% are even aware they have gum disease and, worse yet, only 3% seek treatment. Diagnosis and education are key: between probing every patient, telling your patients about the severity of the disease (including its systemic connections to the likes of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more), and providing them with a minimally invasive treatment option, we can begin to address this epidemic. Before you can educate the patients, though, you have to learn about the benefits of the LANAP protocol yourself!
  • Live LANAP treatment gives you a sneak peek at our best-in-dentistry training. Many clinicians hear about the LANAP protocol and may be skeptical, despite the fact that over a third of AAP clinicians are LANAP certified. Seeing how easy the protocol is for specialists and general dentists alike and having the opportunity to ask questions is a mini preview of what all LANAP clinicians learn in our intensive hands-on training curriculum.
  • Finding the ideal patient is crucial both for clinicians’ and patients’ benefit. Once MDT decides to do a live demo, the Training department is responsible for identifying a patient for the procedure. Potential patients are screened for pocket depths (with 5mm measurement or more on probing sites), inflammation, and gum tissue quality. The “perfect case” for a demonstration varies, but being able to show a wide range of treatment abilities allows the clinicians to get the best look at the protocol. It also gives the lucky patient the opportunity to share their amazing results with friends and family, just like one-time live patient Logan.
  • The live demo comes with a FREE CE credit. GNYDM offers CE credit for the live dentistry theater, and registration is free!
  • This is our sixth year in a row demonstrating the protocol live. Millennium has sponsored live LANAP treatments and live LAPIP treatments for the last six years. If you haven’t seen one yet, you’re missing out! Make sure to bookmark MDT’s Facebook page so you can watch this year’s treatment live if you can’t make it to GNYDM.
  • We always follow up with our patients. LANAP treatment doesn’t end on stage. “It’s all about the patient™” isn’t just a cute saying at Millennium.  We offer free follow up care for a full year for our LANAP patients in our live-patient demonstration and training programs.

If you’re interested in attending the live LANAP demonstration, make sure to register to attend at GNYDM and reserve yourself a seat. This is your chance to see what everyone’s been talking about before you take the plunge to sign up for training!

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