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Adding QuickSplint to Your LANAP Treatment Routine

By Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc. on October 19, 2017 in Dental Business, Gum Disease, LANAP Protocol

If you’re already a LANAP clinician, you know treating gum disease can be less resective, less painful for the patient when compared to traditional surgery and still yield incredible results. Now, you can make the process even more beneficial for you and your patients with the addition of QuickSplint, a custom-fit interim bite-plane, to the treatment plan.

Following a two year evaluation by LANAP protocol inventor Robert H. Gregg II, DDS and Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry CEO &Training Director Dawn M. Gregg, DDS, the QuickSplint is now officially recommended to promote post-operative healing. Simple and comfortable to use, QuickSplint is also cost effective.

When worn overnight by a post-operative LANAP patient until their first follow-up appointment, the QuickSplint:

  • Keeps teeth stable and out of occlusion
  • Protects the gums and fibrin clot that aids in True Periodontal Regeneration
  • Provides comfort to the patient and promotes healing
  • Helps in the recovery of fatigued jaw muscles and joints

The patient can wear the QuickSplint for several weeks until you determine their bite is stable.

How does Quicksplint work?

With the QuickSplint, the clinician uses heavy-set Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS) bite registration material to line the QuickSplint tray. This will set, and form a custom fit to your patient’s dentition.Noadhesives are necessary and the QuickSplint can be relined during treatment phases.

The QuickSplint is designed for either the upper or lower arch. Support the QuickSplint while the patient bites down to completely seal between upper and lower teeth to level the bite registration. The QuickSplint is safe for use on patients with implants.

See for yourself why the IALD has integrated the use of QuickSplint into its laser training courses. For a limited time, you can save 20% for life on all QuickSplint orders exclusively LANAP clinicians. Additionally, some states HCPCS medical/dental code D8210 (Removable Appliance Therapy, minor treatment to control harmful habits) may be used for reimbursement. Consult your billing specialist for more details.

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