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Laser Educator Robert H. Gregg II, DDS Recognized by "Dentistry Today"

For decades, clinicians and patients across the country have appreciated Robert Gregg II, DDS’s dedication to ongoing research and education — not to mention groundbreaking discoveries in laser dentistry. So it’s no surprise that for the fourth year in row Dr. Gregg received special recognition from Dentistry Today as a “Leader in Continuing Education.”
After the development of the LANAP® protocol in the early 1990s, Dr. Gregg’s knowledge and expertise has translated to industry-changing — and life-improving — technological advances in lasers and in periodontal care. He is a co-developer of the FDA-cleared PerioLase® MVP-7™ pulsed Nd:YAG dental laser; and is a founder of Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc.; program director of the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry (IALD); and a co-developer and patent holder of the LANAP and LAPIP™ protocol laser periodontal treatments.
Demonstrating a commitment to raising the standard of care in gum disease treatment, Dr. Gregg’s professional mission has been to change the game in periodontal care through education. According to the Institute for Advanced Dentistry, every dentist trained opens doors for 2,000 patients needing LANAP treatment. With more than 160 clinicians trained in 2013 alone, the number of potentially treated patients soars to ever increasing heights. Dr. Gregg has even begun to extend his education efforts to hygienists through a series of robust training programs, offering more dental professionals the information and tools needed for better treatment. “Helping patients — that’s my motivation,” says Dr. Gregg. “Education makes such an impact. In this case, it results in a direct and powerful outcome for better patient health. Spreading the word about improved treatment options means spreading healing for gum disease sufferers.”
But according to his peers, Dr. Gregg goes beyond the traditional scope for teaching. Clocking in more than 768 hours overseeing IALD training every year, his devotion is significant. One of the authors of the curriculum guidelines and standards for laser dental education, Dr. Gregg has also written multiple peer-reviewed industry articles and has been a trusted source for editing and fact-checking medical details for Dentistry Today and other respected industry publications. An active lecturer on clinical laser applications, Dr. Gregg also dedicates time to running a private practice where he sees patients on a regular basis.
Dr. Gregg’s leadership at the IALD has guided public awareness efforts related to the prominence and dangers of the often silent disease, including the organization’s now nationally recognized Gum Disease Awareness Month initiative ( Under his leadership, the organization also helps to provide nearly $750,000 in free dental services each year to underserved patients suffering with gum disease.
ABOUT THE INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED LASER DENTISTRY: At the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry (IALD), it’s all about improving patients’ lives. The non-profit education and research center is dedicated to providing evidence-based clinical training in advanced laser dentistry therapies — and with mounting evidence pointing to the link between heart and gum health, their efforts have been further propelled. With more than 30 certified instructors who train dental professionals in laser dentistry techniques including the LANAP® protocol, the IALD aims to reach more underserved patients with gum disease who have avoided therapy out of fear. In fact, the organization provides free treatment to qualified patients who can benefit from the no-cut, no-sew, no-fear LANAP® protocol — providing about $750,000 in free dental services each year. The IALD’s ultimate goal is for the percentage of patients seeking treatment for periodontitis to reach the percentage of patients seeking general dental care. For more information, visit
ABOUT MILLENNIUM DENTAL TECHNOLOGIES INC.: Headquartered in Cerritos, Calif.,Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc., is the developer of the LANAP protocol for the treatment of gum disease and the manufacturer of the PerioLase(R) MVP-7(TM) digital dental laser. By providing a simple and comfortable experience with unique bone-building clinical results, MDT’s FDA-cleared and patented LANAP protocol removes the fear from gum disease treatment, offering a vastly less painful and less invasive regenerative treatment alternative to conventional scalpel/suture flap surgery; its PerioLase® MVP-7 is a 6-watt free-running variable pulsed Nd:YAG dental laser featuring digital technology and 7 pulse durations — the most available on the market — giving it the power and versatility to perform a wide range of soft- and hard-tissue laser procedures. Established in 1990, the company’s founding clinicians, Robert H. Gregg, II, D.D.S. and Delwin K. McCarthy, D.D.S., continue to operate the company with a shared vision and purpose: To create better clinical outcomes in periodontal disease patients — and to remain true to the guiding principle — “It’s all about the patient.” For more information, visit

Dr. Robert Gregg
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