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The PerioLase MVP-7 provides the CEREC clinician with ultimate tissue control.

CEREC® doctors already know the benefits investing in CEREC® technology has brought to their practice. By eliminating the need for impressions, temporary crowns, and outsourcing; CEREC® doctors save time and increase profits where they previously would have had to refer patients out.

It’s time to take total control.

Adding the PerioLase MVP-7 to your practice can help you give your CEREC® patients more effective treatment, while also giving you the opportunity to reverse gum disease with the minimally invasive LANAP protocol and save ailing and failing implants with the LAPIP protocol.


Ultimate Tissue and Moisture Control: 5 Benefits of the PerioLase® MVP-7™

Find out how the PerioLase MVP-7 can complement your CEREC procedures with a free eBook.

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LANAP PROTOCOL – A Solid Foundation for Restorations

Gently and effectively clear away the bacteria causing gum disease with laser energy! The PerioLase MVP-7 targets disease, but leaves healthy tissue intact, maintaining aesthetics and providing a solid foundation for restorations.

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During Treatment

LANAP periodontal surgery is a full-mouth procedure usually completed in two, 2-hour visits.  Typically, patients experience  very little post-operative pain, little recession and can quickly resume normal activities or return to work.

For the clinician, the procedure is less physically demanding. There are no foreign materials or biologics required, keeping the cost per procedure low.  LANAP treatment has a high ROI and a fast payback period… Dr Tracy achieved a 503% ROI in his first year!

Want to know more?

Request a personal consultation to find out more about the benefits of adding the PerioLase MVP-7 to your practice. Or, if you’d like to talk to a colleague who is both CEREC and LANAP trained, simply let us know.

CEREC and LANAP clinician Dr Dan Boyko

A Treatment You’d Trust for Your Mom

CEREC dentist Dan Boyko, DMD treats his mom (who doesn’t like dentists) with the LANAP protocol, doesn’t trust dental sales reps, and is growing his practice by internal referrals.

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Profiles In Inside Dentistry

LANAP Clinicians – and CEREC dentists – Todd Sheffler, DDS and Dan Boyko, DDS share the impact of adding the LANAP and LAPIP protocols to their practice.

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Paul Boger DMD video

Paul Boger, DMD is a general dentist who saw the value in offering the LANAP protocol to his patients. He became an instructor for the IALD, teaching other doctors how to help their patients suffering from gum disease. Now, he’s fighting the next challenge in dentistry – ailing and failing dental implants.

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Bob Koenitzer, DDS first completed LANAP training in 2006. He recently chose to review training and was surprised at what changed!

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