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About 1 to 2 months after purchasing the (PerioLase MVP-7) I had already done enough cases that paid for the entire laser… Not only do we get referrals from our specialists but referrals from our existing patients. It’s really allowed us to stand out in our community.
Greg Bennett, DDS
Arvada, CO
The results are astounding and the ROI is greater than I expected. My advice is… don’t wait!
Todd Sheffler, DDS
Concord, NH
I had a database of patients that needed (gum disease) treatment… We covered the full price of the PerioLase Package in LANAP production before our first payment kicked in!
Camille Adli, DDS
Long Beach, CA
Within four months, I performed over 128 quadrants of surgery… I never thought there would be a procedure or technique that would radically change my practice philosophy.
Rebecca Wagner, DDS, MS
Chambersburg, PA
The LANAP protocol revolutionized my practice, giving me a completely new service. I’ve found it to be one of the most profitable procedures available today.
Bruce Baird, DDS
Granbury, TX
International Speaker & Author
I got such a great case acceptance rate that my numbers were some of the best that I’ve had throughout my entire career. The return on investment was pretty quick… I was able to pay off the (PerioLase MVP-7) a lot more quickly than I expected.
Yetta McCullom, DDS, MS
Chicago, IL
My return on investment when I do a cash patient is really good and I’m also able to do what I need to do to help that patient.
Brett Wyman, DDS
Springfield, IL
I’ve found that it is a good investment… If you’re already referring out a lot of patients to a periodontist in the area – especially if the periodontist doesn’t offer LANAP – it’s a no-brainer to purchase it.
Justin Long, DMD
Huron, OH
My (PerioLase MVP-7) is plenty paid for. I never looked back and I never had a problem making a payment on my laser. And the work I did on LANAP cases… paid for that quite easily.
Paul Boger, DMD
Warren, PA
All I had to do was one case a month, and I was able to pay the note on the financing and make a profit. What else can you say that you add to your practice that does that?
Kirk Noraian, DDS, MS
Bloomington, IL