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According to a Levin Group practice survey, overall case acceptance rates for two-thirds of U.S. dental practices fall between 20% and 50%.1

Only 2 in 15 patients complete traditional surgery.2 Compare that with more than 90% of patients who overwhelmingly accept treatment using the LANAP® protocol for moderate to severe periodontal disease, according to an independent survey of LANAP® clinicians.3

LANAP clinicians also treat more patients in less time at a lower cost while achieving better tissue response and higher satisfaction ratings.

See how the evidence-based LANAP® protocol gets more patients to say “yes” to treatment.

Patients Prefer LANAP Over Osseous Surgery2
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Independent Survey Results

A recent study published in Decisions in Dentistry surveyed trained LANAP® providers about their satisfaction levels and perceptions of treatment success when utilizing the LANAP® protocol in private practice. The following is an overview of the survey results.3

When I first got involved with the PerioLase, I had a 466% increase in patients saying yes to treatment, because I had something that was more comfortable and less invasive.
Kirk W. Noraian, DDS, MS
Bloomington, IL
I had a patient who was referred to me three times for periodontal treatment but never followed through with treatment. It wasn’t until I offered LANAP that he accepted treatment.
Eman Traynor, DMD, MS
Greenwich, CT

1 Levin, Roger. “Research Report: Case Acceptance.” Dental Economics. July 15, 2015.
2 Data provided by Accelerated Practice Concepts based on aggregate actual chart information from practicing periodontists. Data on file.
3 Richman, Colin, et al. “Perceptions of the LANAP Protocol.” Decisions in Dentistry. November 2020;6(10):18,21-23.