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Are your patients more informed than you? Don’t make this dental practice mistake!

By Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc. on July 20, 2016 in Dental Business, Dental Marketing, Laser Dentistry

Has this ever happened to you? A patient comes into your office and asks about a certain dental technology or procedure that you don’t offer, or worse, you’ve never heard of. This can be a very awkward moment – and a huge mistake for your dental practice.

The explosion of new dental technology, materials, and procedures can become overwhelming to keep up with. And it can be tempting to switch off from the constant stream of information out there: especially if you are happy with your level of productivity and patient retention.

However, today’s technology is unavoidable and not just a passing phase, but the new norm. It pervades every aspect of our lives. From how we work, play and live our lives, technology has created a revolution that will grow for as long as humans continue to advance in their capabilities.

This is truly an exciting time in dentistry, but the longer you resist adopting proven advancements into your dental practice, the more business you stand to lose. Here are 4 reasons why keeping up with emerging technology is critical to your practice growth.

Don’t Get Caught Failing to Keep Up
New technologies and procedures may be relevant to your practice, your patients may ask you to utilize them, and your peers could be adopting them to good effect. Not paying attention to industry advancements can quickly make you look out-of-date and be damaging to your practice success.

Earn the Respect of Colleagues
People who have good knowledge of their field command respect. Colleagues want to work with people who are excellent at what they do, and also, who have a passion for their industry. Following new developments is part of what makes leaders. You don’t have to adopt them all, but you should certainly be aware of their applications, benefits and drawbacks.

Missed Opportunities
If your dental practice has not invested in the proper technology, there is a chance you may have missed opportunities to provide the highest standard of care. New advancements can be applied to everything from diagnostics to impression taking, restoration design and fabrication, to 3D imaging, and beyond. However, maximizing the benefits of today’s innovations requires clinicians to be knowledgeable about what’s available, what’s possible, and how to best apply it into their practice.

Fading into Obscurity
Technology will continue to advance and your colleagues will find new and exciting ways to use it. If a clinician continues to resist progress and decides not to keep up with it, they are likely to fade away into obscurity. So don’t make these common dental practice mistakes!

Here’s the good news: While methods may have changed, the priority of the profession has not. It is, and always has been, about the patient.

The Highest Standard of Care
Due to years of economic struggles and slow growth, today’s consumers have moved from impulse shopping to a much slower decision making process. Patients research more online, now than ever before, and they will have questions for you. According to a report by Roger Levin, DDS, consumers want more value and are much more careful about what they accept and agree to in terms of a treatment plan.
In today’s world, patients prefer (and demand) more efficient, minimally invasive methods. Industry advancements are making it easier than ever for dentists to practice minimally invasive dentistry. Adopting these advances is about finding ways to improve the experience for patients, which could mean less pain and trauma for the patient. The dental practice that continuously stays abreast of the latest developments in technology give their patients the peace of mind that they can count on the highest standard of care.

Dental Practice MistakesTechnology of the Future, Available Today
An FDA-cleared laser treatment, called the LANAP® protocol, was developed with the patient in mind. It offers a less painful, more successful treatment alternative to conventional surgery. The LANAP protocol is the only scientifically, research-proven method that results in true periodontal regeneration – new bone growth and gum tissue re-attachment.

The LANAP treatment is highly successful in treating gum disease because it can target the source of the inflammation, without hurting or removing any healthy gum tissue, and it’s easy on the patient and clinician. This allows the body to recover from the chronic infection without the need for scalpel or sutures.

In addition, you can treat your patients’ peri-implantitis quickly and effectively with the LAPIP™ protocol – the only patient-friendly, predictable solution for ailing implants. Studies indicate 95% of failing implants treated with the LAPIP protocol have reintegrated in the pocket and stabilized with bone growth of 3-8 threads. Because no resection or reflection of a vertically oriented flap is needed, the integrity of the structural tissue is retained. Thus, all other future treatment options remain.

These revolutionary procedures can be accomplished with the PerioLase® MVP-7™, a free-running, variable pulsed Nd:YAG laser. The 7 variable pulse durations can be thought of as “different lasers” in one device as they have discrete and selective tissue interactions. With the PerioLase MVP-7, you have the ability to offer your patients less invasive, tissue sparing treatments with lasting results.

In the end, dentistry is always advancing and changing with new materials and techniques. Advanced dental technology makes the clinician’s job more effective and efficient. And patients are more secure in knowing they are being offered the highest standard of care. This is why it’s so important for your dental practice to stay armed with the latest knowledge in the field and avoid making common dental practice mistakes.

The bottom line is, technology doesn’t wait for you, and if your practice isn’t keeping up with it, you will surely be left in the dust by one of your competitors.


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